Continuing to Respond…Thanks to You!

On Friday, April 24, 2020, Mercer Street Friends, in partnership with Capital Area YMCA, distributed weekend Emergency Food Bags. On a day when the weather reflected the mood of so many, we reaffirmed for those in line that we are here, we are committed to helping, and that they can count on Mercer Street Friends to stand with them as this crisis continues to ripple through our community.  

Since March 16, 2020, Mercer Street Friends has distributed over 5,000 weekend Emergency Food Bags, totaling 80,000 meals. Our supporters – individuals, families, businesses, foundations, and corporations – made this happen.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts and for ensuring that families in Trenton will not go hungry. Whether they are experiencing the loss of a job or a medical emergency, those who stand in line are assured that thanks to your commitment to Mercer Street Friends, they are not alone.

Mercer Street Friends has received tremendous support from nearly 1,000 donors over the past several weeks and we are grateful to each one. Every Friday, we look forward to highlighting groups of individuals, families, businesses and foundations who have provided contributions, ensuring that all who have invested in Mercer Street Friends know their gifts have had an incredible impact on our community.

Donna L. Allegretti

Alison Anderson

Bob and Peggy Anderson

Sidney Auerbach

Rosa Baek

Tammy J. Barnes

Victoria M. Bixel

Paola and Robert Blelloch

Dan Bowen

Carol and Francis Bradley

Allen Jay Brumbaugh, Jr

Karen W. Brzoska

Marjorie Burke-McCann

Cathy Campbell

Jeffrey E. Schulman and Karen D. Carlson

Kristin Cass

Barbara Churco

Mark Collier

Cindy and Richard Coppola

Neil J. Delaney

Joanne and William Dix, Jr.

Nick Donnoli

Joanne Durham

Wayne Edwards

Fiona Ersing

G.B. Fahrenbruch

Stephen and Sarah Ferguson

Elizabeth Ferrer

John A Fisher

Thomas and Pamela Ford

Nicole Sheetz Frith and Brinton Frith

Robin Froehlich

Parth Gandhi

Gabriel C. Garber

William A. and Eileen M. Geoghan

Audrianna Gill

Carole and Joel Goldstein

Donna and Jeffrey Grundy

Jorgen and Susan Hansen

Rachel N. Hansen

Alan and Laurie Hardy

Roy Winnick and Catherine R. Harper

Hal K. Haveson

Michael Hecht

Harold Helmstetter

Alan M. Hershey

Rachel Hickey

Regina and Edward Hoag

Carolyn M. Hoenisch

Sharon Ann Holt

Andrew S. Howard

Mingjie Hu

Deborah and David Hutton

Vito C. Iannuzzelli

Sandra R. Johnson

Christopher J. Jones

Julia, Greg and Raisa Fund

Puja Kapoor

Fred and Maxine Kasman

David and Jane Kassoff

Brittany Kaye

Pat Gorham-Kelly and John D. Kelly

Patricia Crotty Kennedy

Lisa K. Kerns

Suzanne Kerridge

Mitra Keykhah

Patricia and Robert Kidell

Shelley Kiernan

David N. Kinsey

Greg Kornhaber

Benjamin Kraun

Aleksey Kreydin

Ramesh and Linda Kumar

Chris and Beth Kunkle

Lisa LaCarrubba

Michele Laikowski

Beverly G. Landstrom

Noshir and Dinaz Langrana

Isabel Lapuerta

Pam Lebeaux

Ellen and Leslie Lefkowitz

Dawna L. Lemaire

Nikoletta Lendvai

Joanne Leone

Carole and Simon Levin

Hiram Levy, II

Corina Lewis

Sandra and Richard Lopacki

Steven and Kaitlin Lutz

Kristen Lynch

Merry L. Madover

Hulya Guler and Daniel R. Marlow

Kathleen McGuire

Shann McGwier

Jennifer McLaughlin

Tova Meyer

Jennifer Michelson

Mary Timberlake Moore and Robert Moore

Tenjiwe Mortensen

Margery Mott

Dulcie Bull and Clive Muncaster

Dorothea Murphy

Lori and Thomas Musmanno

Ritu Nagi

Teresa Marrin Nakra

Edward and Mary Nelson

Thomas and Elizabeth O’Connor

Sue Osborne

Karthikeyan Palamalai

Frank Pecht

Louisa and Christopher Pelkey

Lori J. Perlman

Carol and Edward Pfeiffer

Alexandra Pinz

Karen Pszonka

Lakshmanan Ramaswamy

Warren and Martha Ramsland

Meredith Rivera

Hope H. Rogers

Andrea Rona

Gregory and Elizabeth Samios

Mary and Philip M. Sanders

Elizabeth and David Sardar

Sophia Sarnor

Susan Scheer

Chrystal and John F. Schivell

Jessica K. Schmalz

Kristine Schmidt

Nancy and Laurence Shatkin

Chad Shearer

Erika Shor

Heidi F. Shore

Kelly Simone

Amanda P. Skoumbourdis

David A. Smith

Jesse Smith

Kathryn E. Smith

Michael Smith

Sandra Smith

Dianne M Somers

Carl and Melinda Sonnenfeld

Anthea J. Spencer

Erin M. Servillo and Charles V. Stanley, Jr.

Felicia Jean Steele

Julia Steinberg

Karin A. Trainer and William W. Stowe

Holly K. Sullivan

Christina Tajc

C. Thomas Taylor

Martin N. Timins

Richard F. Tushingham

Diana and Bernard Tyminski

Jay and Harriet Vawter

Lori Venta

David Waldstein

Maureen and J. Gregory Walton

Knut Wassermann

Terence Wassum

Anne R. Gordon and David K. Watson

Carrie and Ronald Wayne

Judith Weiss

Dianne Weitzul

Elaine and G. Terence Wilson

Ellen and Brann Wry

Dave Zboray

Harriet Zucker