The First Day of May, The Lines Continue To Grow….

This Friday, May 1, 2020, Mercer Street Friends volunteers and staff provided over 1,480 weekend emergency food bags to individuals and families impacted by COVID-19. We continue to hear from those in line about job loss, children asking when they’ll return to school, and people wondering what the future will hold for them and their families. While we don’t have many answers to their questions, we do know for certain that Mercer Street Friends will be there to offer food bags and an ear should they like to share their stories.

We began distributing weekend emergency food bags on March 20, 2020. At that time, we provided less than 500 bags. We hoped that the number wouldn’t increase, but we were ready. Seven weeks later we remain ready and will continue to be here for our community in the weeks ahead.  Our contributors – individuals, families, foundations, small businesses, corporations – all continue to play a critical role in feeding families in Trenton. We thank you for remaining firm in your own commitment to be sure that Mercer Street Friends has the resources to offer food bags to our neighbors.

Mercer Street Friends has received tremendous support from over 1,000 donors in the past several weeks and we are grateful to each one. Every Friday, we look forward to highlighting groups of individuals, families, businesses and foundations who have provided contributions, ensuring that all who have invested in Mercer Street Friends know their gifts have had an incredible impact on our community.

Beth Adler-Bush

Karen S. Ali

Joe Allegretti

Alexis Andres

Masood Ansari

ARC Foundation Inc.

Namrata Bagga

Paramita Biswas

Emily Blackman

Vincent C. Bonica

William B. Bowers

Catherine Brown

Courtney Browndorf

Karen and Mike Bruno

William L. Bunting, III

Donald J. Burns

Laura B. Carlson

Sydell and Elizabeth Carlton

Purcell Carson

Janis and Bill Charkow

Gregory Cherlin

Yeonsuk Cho

John and Rita Cleary

 Jeffrey Bachrach and Karen Cohen

Ann Quinn and David Cooling

James Coyle

James J. Cronin

Alan Crosman

James Burton and Martha C.M. D’Avila

Marta Dardzinski

Ann P. DeBellis

Christopher DeJesus

Geoffrey DiMeglio

Robert K. Dix and Frances Harrington-Dix

Prakash Easwaran

Wayne Edwards

Lisa Fedor

Harold J. Fink, III

John Franzini

Jinping Gan

Barbara and Lewis Gantwerk

Sherri Garber

William and Michele Gittings

James Stephen Goldfinger

Liam Z. Gonzales

Rae Grasso

Jerome and Josee Graybill

Darryl and Carlotta Greer

Ted Grover

Matt Grunwell

Bruce Guilbault

Sharon M. Hallanan

Elizabeth Hamblet

Olga P. Hasty

Helen Elaine Heintz

Richard and Kathleen Hellstern

Lydia Holland

Michael S. Holzsager

Andrew S. Howard

Jen Hunt

Jacqueline Hutchinson

Marilyn Hynes

Nancy G. Januszewski

Eric S. Johnson

Kenneth W. Johnson

Sigmond Johnson

Katie Johnston

Judy Judd

David and Marjory Kadash

Jimin Kang

 Miguel Centeno and Deborah Kaple

Daniel Kelly

Isabel Kentengian

Charlotte and David Kielbasa

Henry Kim

Kim C. Klinger

Steven P. Kowalski

Rakesh Kumar

W. Timothy Kuser

Kathryn and Mario Kyriakou

Laura Latella

Edward and Alexandra Leydon

Sandra and Richard Lopacki

Denise and Jerry Lynch

Angelina Macaluso

Barbara MacGuigan

Lisa Magliozzo

Douglas and Joan Malchow

Janine Manolakos

Patricia and Maurice Martin

Matthew Mayer

Jonathan McCollom

Frank and Martha McDougald

Tracy A. McManimon

Abigail Meletti

Seth L. Mellman

Nanette Meyer

Carole B. Moore

Donna Morgan

Stefanie Morgan

Ashley Murphy

Natalie Nguyen

Gretchen Oberfranc

Elizabeth D. Orlandi

Reid H. Oshiro

Kelley and James Pane

Louisa and Christopher Pelkey

Michael and Linda Perlin

Kristin C. Pinyan

Urmila Purandare

Sandra I. Rabinowitz

Andreea Radulescu

Shahreen Rahman

Gillian Reeder

Dillon Reisman

Clifford R. Reisser

Alicia Rich

Elisa Rosen

Lynne L. Ross

Nancy and Daniel Rubenstein

Elaine and Frank Russian

CS Russo

Susan Sancinito

Mary and Paul Schedl

Monika and Thomas Shanahan

Nicole Sheetz Frith and Brinton Frith

Elaine Silva

Selina Beth Simon

Fred Snyder

Michael J. Daley and Marybeth Snyder

Dianne M. Somers

Lorraine Sova

Jackie Stockman

Phyllis and Irwin Stoolmacher

Chris Thern

Mary Thomas

Richard F. Tushingham

Anne K. Ullestad

J. Stewart and Dawn von Oehsen

Bhuvana and Chaitanya Bhuvaneswari

Andrew Wagner

Will Wagner

Georgia L. Wallar

Patricia C. Walsh

Erich Francis Wedam

Jeffrey and Vita Weinstein

Judith Weisenfeld

Mina and Ronald White

Briana N. Wilkins

David Wilson

Elizabeth Wood

Eileen C. Yang

Donna Young

Ginger August and Brian Zack 

Ruby Zucker

Ann Zultner