“How Long Have You Been Here?”

This Friday, May 8, 2020, marks the 8th week that Mercer Street Friends volunteers and staff, in partnership with the City of Trenton, Triumphant Life Community Church, and Capital Area YMCA, distributed Weekend Emergency Food Bags to individuals and families in Trenton.  Those in line are experiencing the incredible economic fallout of COVID-19. They wait patiently – some for the first time, others have been coming since March – for their bag that will provide them with 16 meals for their families on Saturday and Sunday. This is our community; these are our neighbors. We were with them when this began and we were there today to provide 1,092 Weekend Emergency Food Bags.

Individuals, families, foundations, small businesses, corporations throughout Mercer County, throughout New Jersey, and throughout the country continue to hear the call to support our community. Thank you for responding by offering extraordinary gifts of time and financial support. Eight weeks has shown us that there is so much more to do. Thank you for standing with Mercer Street Friends, and ultimately with our neighbors, in providing food during a time of great challenge.

Mercer Street Friends has received tremendous support from over 1,200 donors in the past several weeks and we are grateful to each one. Every Friday, we look forward to highlighting groups of individuals, families, businesses and foundations who have provided contributions, ensuring that all who have invested in Mercer Street Friends know their gifts have had an incredible impact on our community.

Toshi Abe

Barbara Ackerman

Shirley and Jonathan Allen

Russ Andolina

Robert Angelo

Andrei and Karen Anghelescu

Lorraine Appelbaum

Neha Arya

Lynne Azarchi

Susan R Banziger

Sameer Bhat

Dina Boero

Dan Bowen

Dana Brown

John Buford

Donald E. Carlo

Richard Catena

Benny Soffer and Janet Chen

Grace Ciccimaro

Dianna Clauss

Kathleen Copeland

David W. Craig

Betsy and Daniel Crofts

Regan Crotty

Camille Deering

Ariel DeJesus

Elliot Dine

Yiping Ding

Joan Ekizian

Joseph and Pearl Elias

Fiona Ersing

Karla Ewalt

Emily Eyestone

Elizabeth Ferrer

Eliza McFeely and Jeffrey M. Fischer

Nancy and Daniel Fishman

Frank and Glenna Follmer

Lynne and Gary Forester

John Franzini

Sheryl Fuller

Dorothy Gaboda

Robert S. Garver

Kathleen and Theodore Gershon

Jennifer and Ameen F. Ghannam

Liam Z. Gonzales

Carmela and Scott David Griffiths

Diane and Moris Guvenis

Martin and Rachel Hammond

Andrea Marie Coombs and Reid Howard

Barbara Clements and James B. Huffman

Andrea Lynne Immel

Cathleen Izzo

Carol and Michael Kagay

Mirian Kemler

Shelley Kiernan

Maureen C. Kimball

Peter Kleban

Fred Kluempen

Michelle M. Koenen

Jere Tannenbaum and Kenneth Kowalski

Christopher Kranz

Sammie Lang

Barbara Larkin

Douglas Larkin

Sonya Legg

Daniel and Rosemary Leone

John and Lorraine Lestician

Alexis Lucena

Ellen Lugat

Daniel Mahoney

Marcia and Jay Margolis

Kevin McCabe

Bruce McGarvey

Kelly McGlynn

Robin and James McGuire

Michael B. McKenna

David Mesinoff

John and Linda Meuse

Nanette Meyer

Linda and Josh Milstein

Joanne Mullowney

David Myers

Lauren Myers

Lester and Joan Novatkoski

Michael and Alyson O’Donnell

J. Perry Leavell, Jr. and Barbara B. Oberg

Diane Ohland

Joan and David Ordille

Andrew Pachuta

Sheila J. Siderman and Jerry Palin

Louise Patregnani

Jim and Alison Peebles

Eleanor D. Pennington

Elizabeth Pound

Melissa Previte

Prior & Nami Business Systems, Inc.

Cynthia S. Purcell

Yun Qiang

Christine Rabbath

Richard Reale

Joe Reed

Irina Rivkin

Janice and Tom Roddenbery

Daniel R. Ryan

Wanda Saez

Aparna Sahoo

Seema Sathaye

Joseph P Schieve

Shilpa Shanbhag

JoAnn and David W. Shifton

Michael Silverman

Kate Silvester

Mary L. Skovron

Edward B. Snyder

Richard L. Sperry, Jr.

Karin A. Trainer and William W. Stowe

Richard Gregg Szabo

David Tai

Azita Tajaddini

Courtney A. Underwood

Carrie and Ronald Wayne

Rita Williams

Marcia Willsie

Lynne J. Yager

Michael Zhang

Paula and Gregory Zollner