Parenting Impact Center Responding to Basic Needs…Diapers and Food

Since the beginning of April, Mercer Street Friends Center for Parenting and Family Empowerment is responding to the needs of our clients by transforming a meeting room into a pantry, preparing bags of food along with distributing Diapers on Thursday afternoons. At first, we welcomed 5 families a week. Today, 50 families now seek support each week.

To maintain social distancing, as well as confidentiality, social workers contact the families directly, ascertain their needs and invite them to pick up their diaper and food package on the table outside the building.

Sue Maloney, Supervisor of Parents as Teachers Program explained that, “the families really appreciate it no matter how small the bag. Diapers are a precious commodity. They are expensive and not covered by SNAP (food stamps).” Matthew Mayer, Healthy Families Program Supervisor said that, “what we do here obviously won’t solve everyone’s problems, but we can give the families the supplies they need during the pandemic to alleviate stress as it creates problems and negative consequences that results.”

To provide support to the Parent and Family Empowerment Diaper and Food Program, donations may be dropped off at the Food Bank warehouse located at 828 Silvia Street, Ewing, NJ 08628. Items may include:

Nonperishable items such as baby food, baby snacks, juices, as well as rice, pasta, soup, cereal, etc., for families.

Boxes of diapers, sizes 4-6

Direct contributions may be made by clicking “Donate Now.”