For Everything There is a Season…

Last weekend began the unofficial start of summer. Traditionally, summer represents days filled with sun, water, perhaps a vacation or two with family. And as with the beginning of any new season, there often comes a sense of hope.

For 11 weeks, Mercer Street Friends has witnessed the spectrum of emotions of our neighbors in need of food – fear, despair, uncertainty. While we know that many of those individuals and families who are in line feel those emotions today and possibly for the next weeks and months, we also look ahead with hope, in our hearts and in our work, for them and for so many others.

Today, Friday, May 28, 2020, in partnership with Trenton School District, Aramark Food Services, Volunteers of America, Hopewell Valley YMCA, Foundation Academy, French Towers, Isles Healthy Family, UIH, and St. Bartholomew, Mercer Street Friends distributed 2,090 Community Food Bags throughout Trenton and Mercer County.

Each week, our Community Food Bag efforts are made possible thanks to the commitment and resolve of our friends, near and far, to offer hope to those who most need it.

Mercer Street Friends has received tremendous support from nearly 2,000 donors since March 16, 2020. We are grateful to each one. Every Friday, we look forward to highlighting groups of individuals, families, businesses and foundations who have provided contributions, ensuring that all who have invested in Mercer Street Friends know their gifts have had an incredible impact on our community.

Diane Ailey

Aruna Amaresan

Kathleen Ambrogi

Christine M. Antonelli

Sharmila Arunasalam

Maureen Barna

Donna and John Barone

Joan Bartl

Marsha and John Beidler

David and Gina Bialas

Emmanuel Bonilla-Acosta

Gwyneth M. Boodoo

Mark L. Boyd

Elana Broch

Karen L. Brodsky

Thomas S. Cadwallader

Nancy N. Cane

Rachel and Dave Cantlay

Kathryn and Michael Clancy

Bruce and June Conord

Croucher-Fletcher Charitable Fund

Andrew G. Davidson

Anne Marie DeWan

Amy S. and Timothy W. Doutt

Sue M. Dupre

Tripti Eipe

Theresa and John Fink

Pamela and Robert Flory

Linda Funari

Padmavathy Ganesh

Gary M. Garrett

Joseph Christopher Gidaro

Christopher T. Giles

Christine Godfrey

Sarah Gold

John and Judith Golden

James Goldfinger

Maddipati Gopal

Glenda Gracia-Rivera

Virginia Greenzang

Stephanie Gregory

Andrew B. Griffin

Andrew and Patricia Hajducek

Liz Hart

John J. Hopfield

Susan and Scott Hoskins

Willa Jarrett

John M. Kemmerer

Tracy Eileen King

Laura Taylor Kinnel and Geoffrey Kinnel

Kathryn Knauer

Peter F. Kremer

Beverly L. Krocker

Lauren Lalicon

Andrea S. LaPaugh and Michael S. Lipkowitz

Sonya T. Lopez

Cam and Nicole Maio

Mercer County Top Producers Association

Gary A. Meyer

John Millner

Frank C. Moore

Lisa and Schuyler Morehouse

Karl F. Morrison

Balaguru Nallathambi

NJ Tree Farm Program

Ronald and Adelaide Novak

Nevolia E. Ogletree

Elisabeth Oosterhoff

Harish Parmar

Janice and Richard Passer

George H. Pearson

Jennifer Pemberton

Vanessa Persicketti

Alexandra Laura Pietsch

Michael Poot

Elizabeth Sims-Pottle and Mark Pottle

Princeton Friends Meeting

Margaret Provine

Jason Puchalla

Nicholas Pugliese

Valerie Razmus

Ann and Norval Reece

Alberto Regalado

Marty Richards

Anita and Anthony Richichi

Marcia L. Rickle

Sharyn Rudofsky

Andrew Miller and Lynne Ruff

Laura Sabatie

Kelli A. Saddler

Silvia Sanchez

Judith Reich and D.G. Sarsfield

Mark and Judith Sarvary

Janet and Richard Sbarro

Stephen C. Schaeffer

Milton and Debra Shaw

Peter Shriver

Elizabeth Jane O. Sibert

Raymond Charles Slack

Cheryl Smith

Michael B. Smith

Spais Family Charitable Fund

Paula M. Steiner Family Foundation

Suzanne Stevenson

Karen S. Brown and James J. Takasugi

Swetha Tanjore

Robert Johnson and Linda Tartaglia

Angela Velez

Jeffrey Vernam

Vinyasa Handmade LLC

Gary A. Wasko

Carolyn Wentzel

Brenda Payne Whiteman

Susan N. Wilson

Ingrid Wuebber

Lorraine and William Wysor

Li-yun Young