We Look Ahead…

On Friday, March 20, 2020, the first day of distribution of the Community Food Bags to our neighbors in Trenton and Mercer County, Mercer Street Friends could not predict what the coming weeks would look like. How many more families would line up for meals to feed them through the weekend? How many volunteers were needed to organize those bags and prepare for distribution? What did our neighbors need, many not knowing whether they would face days, weeks, or months of job loss or medical emergencies due to COVID-19?

Thirteen Fridays have now gone by and Mercer Street Friends continues to respond. In partnership with Trenton Board of Education, Calvary Fellowship Ministries, Foundation Academy, French Towers, and Mike Daley, 1,935 bags were offered today, June 12, 2020. Thanks to the incredible support of the philanthropic community, thousands upon thousands of families have felt the extraordinary power of a community helping to answer those questions. Neighborhood food drives, mask and toilet paper distribution, and gifts of confidence small and large has made 13 weeks of responding possible.

July and August will be upon us quickly. Mercer Street Friends’ work to distribute Community Food Bags to our neighbors cannot and must not stop. There is much more to be done and we remain grateful to all who continue to stand with us, and ultimately stand with the people of Trenton and Mercer County, making sure that for the weekend, they will be fed.

Mercer Street Friends has received tremendous support from over 2,300 donors since March 16, 2020. We are grateful to each one. Every Friday, we look forward to highlighting groups of individuals, families, businesses and foundations who have provided contributions, ensuring that all who have invested in Mercer Street Friends know their gifts have had an incredible impact on our community.

Michael M. Abramowitz

The Albertsons Companies Foundation

Gloria P. Alston

Erin Galbraith and Joseph Amon

Jeannette and Joseph Andose

Masood Ansari

Kristin Appelget

Elaine Austin

Cora J. Baker

Adrian Banner

Lisa Parry Becker

Susan Beebe

Zach Bencan

Rachel A. Bissonnette

Kenneth J. Blackwell

Borough of Hightstown

Jim and Lynn Bowen

Matthew Callahan

Lawrence and Regina Camilletti

Julie A. Carman

Grady Caswell Klein

Kristina Chadwick

Sri Chigurupati

Lysander Christakis

Tony Chu

Cigna Foundation

David Cole

Gayle Coolick

Diane Coyle

Crosswicks Friends Meeting

Chris and Helena Cunningham

Anthony L. Damico

Elizabeth and Lawrence Danson

Suzanne Rie Day

Angel and Claire Denis

Holly R. Donovan

Annemarie DuPont

Renee and Michael Eckstut

Carol J. Fagundus

Shaness and Peter Farrell

William and Joan Fink

Eileen and Alan Finn

A. Bryan Fisher

Marion Fisher

Steve and Helen Fortunato

Leslie W. Foster

Barbara and Christopher Geary

Constance Cramer and Roman Gerke

First Assembly of God

Debra and Russell Goddard

Sharon Godown

Verna Elaine Groo

Sean Hammer

Arlen and Thomas Hastings

Lee W. Herrick

Joan Hilderley

Anne Irwin and Robert Holt

Angie and Gil Honigfeld

Mary Ann and Robert Howland

Joseph and Sharon Hulihan

Camille and James Jacob

Charles R. Jankowski, Jr.

Linda M. John

Samantha John

Kristen Jones

Lois and Joseph Jusiewicz

Catherine and Christopher Kerr

Catherine Kness

Ingela Kostenbader

Vearian and Donald Kroeck

Mel and Susan Kubota

Ladies of the Flying Talit

Robert Hackett and Diane Landis

Barbara and Richard Lawrence

Gillian and Howard Levy

Lance and Latonya Liverman

Oren and Lizabeth Livne

John and Mary Loetscher

Joyce A. Long

Jeannie Lukas

Elizabeth Marquis

George and Wei Matcham

Jeanne and Joseph Mazzetti

Alexander Moore McWilliams

Jeff Meltzer

Mark Haber and Chiyo Moriuchi

Glenn Murphy

Beth Nichols

Carol Nicholson

Janet Nicoll

Nordson Corporate Foundation

Mary Jane and Glenn Northey

Christopher Oehrle

Paul H. Olsavsky

Corinne Orlando

Susan and William Pigula

Kathleen and Lawrence Pinder

Dianne V. Pingitore

Delia C. Pitts

Robert S.V. Platten

Brian Oscar Porter

Roland Pott

Christine Potter

Judith A. Pratico

Michael A. Pressman

Sanjay Thirupputkuzhi and Rajashree Rajagopalan

Jeffrey Reed

Daniel and Mary Reynolds

Kate Ro

Mark Roderick

Vincent and Kristin Ruzzi


Michael Sands

Martha Ann and George Scherer

Pamela and Edwin Schmierer

Juliet Scott Strauss

Hemanshu Shah

Rohil Sharma

Julia L. Shear

Sahar Sheikh

Adele and Fred Simon

Terri S. Slack

Greg and Anne Slonaker

Solebury Friends Meeting

Myrna and Arnold Speert

Chengad Sridhar

Ned and Sheryl Stern

Steven and Diane Suznovich

Elizabeth L. Tan

Marianne O. Temesy

Tina Thomas

Janet M. Todd

Union Baptist Church Women’s Fellowship Ministry

Barbara and John Vadnais

John Jackson and Ann Vaurio

David Vilkomerson

Donald and Lyric Weinbaum

Thomas H. Welch

West Windsor Lions Club

Linda Whitfield-Spinner

Stephanie Wilson

Susana and Brian Woods

Denise and Alfred Wysocki

Yardley Friends Meeting

Jae Yoo