What’s Your Story?

Mercer Street Friends volunteers and staff are becoming familiar with the faces, and for some, the names of those who stand in line each Friday, waiting for a Community Food Bag. We don’t ask questions, but we listen. We hear stories about what life was before the pandemic. We hear from the children that they miss school, their friends, and their teachers. We hear what life is like now, stories about difficulty finding a job, or questioning out loud who will care for their children when they secure employment. There’s a story in the eyes of each of our neighbors – some we hear and some we will never know.

On Friday, June 19, 2020, 1,910 bags were distributed in partnership with French Towers, Panther Pantry, Foundation Academy, Safe Haven Pantry, Hopewell YMCA, Triumphant Life Community Church, Sam Naples Senior Center, and Capital Area YMCA. We are grateful to our partners and to each volunteer and donor who continues to offer support to our community during their greatest time of need. More stories will be written as the days, weeks and months progress. Thank you for being a part of the Mercer Street Friends’ story and for helping our neighbors during this new chapter in their lives.

Mercer Street Friends has received tremendous support from nearly 2,500 donors since March 16, 2020. We are grateful to each one. Every Friday, we look forward to highlighting groups of individuals, families, businesses and foundations who have provided contributions, ensuring that all who have invested in Mercer Street Friends know their gifts have had an incredible impact on our community.

David Adler

Luanne Arico

Sheila and Gerald Berkelhammer

Jan Beyea

Joan M. Birchenall

Jackie and Allen Bloom

Carol M. Bozarth

Lisa J. Bruno

Eugene and Alicia Buck

Joyce and Richard Buhn

Mary and William Burke

Peggy E. Burns

Regina and Edward Butterer

Hyla and Sandor Caplan

Roseann and Ralph Carbonara

Sariena Carmichael

Orlando and Erlinda Carpio

Kimberly Certo

Kai Chang

Nicola Chiarello

Stephanie Chorney

Patricia R. Christiansen

Ralph and Maureen Cleale

Joseph D. Contardo

Elizabeth E. Cooper

Natalie Costa

Credit Union of New Jersey Foundation, Inc.

Sandra C. Cristofori

Arthur W. Crooke

Carol A. Csogi

Lan M. Cuprzinski

Debbie Deane

Jignasa Desai-McCleary

Roy and Kathleen DeSandre

Susan S. Diamond

Karen and Gene Dow

Angela Dunay

Alfred Ramey and Kathleen Duncan

Pamela Durkalski

June and James Dutton

Robert F. Farkas

Alan and Diane Fisher

Deborah Frisby

Christopher Giles

Theresa and Robert Gleim

Ruth and Robert Goldston

Marianna Gonzales

Jeffrey and Eva Gossman

Jennifer Greene

Barbara and Eric Greenfeldt

Jas Grewal

Michele Guerino

Carolyn Gunning

Carrie and Geddes Hanson

Holy Redeemer Home Care & Hospice of Hamilton

Kelly Hughes

J. Stuart Hunter

Eileen Immordino

Molly and Bill Jones

Judith R. Joseph

Elizabeth and Jon Jurica

Robert and Adrienne Kasper

John W. Kellogg

Erika L. Knudson

Helene and Russell Kulsrud

Mary V. Laity

Martha L. Lamar

Kathleen and Joseph Lane

Laurel and Edwin Leavitt-Gruberger

Michael Lombardi

MacMillan Family Foundation

Patricia and James Manganaro

Paul Marzan

Charles J. McClain

Lorraine McCormick

Kathleen and Brian McGrath

Joann Mitchell

Jeanne and Ira Negin

Timothy and Betsey Norland

Lynne and James Norton

Sarah H. Ohls

Ryan Ottavio

Eileen Moran and James W. Parolski

Judith L. Pinch

Meridy Pockell

Donna and Don Povia

Doris and John Rafferty

Marie and Stan Repko

Marie and John Respass

Benita L. Rommel

Kristi Rosenberg

Lionel Roux

David S. Rubin

St. Anargyroi Ladies Philoptochos Society

Theresa Sala

Denice L. Sawyer

Colleen Schwartz

Bill Sweeney and Dede Shannon

Pamela and Russell Sharples

Betty M. Sherman

Marguerite Chandler and Richmond B. Shreve

Paula Sollami-Covello

Lee and Eve Solow

James D. Stives

Phyllis and Michael Suber

Paul D. Sulyok

Craig Carnaroli and Amie Thornton

Meena Tiwari

Janis B. Todd

Katherine Tozour

Patricia A. Tumulty

Susan D. Ultan

Nancy van der Wal

Robert Vichnevetsky

John Vincent

Visiting Nurse & Health Services Foundation

Gwen Guglielmi and Thomas Vogt

Randall and Carol Voorhees

Dave Walker

Lisa Watson-Cotton

Susan M. Weisman

Josephine and John Werth

Wrightstown Friends Meeting

Dmitriy Yelskiy