The Last Friday in June

On Friday, June 26, 2020, Mercer Street Friends volunteers and staff, in partnership with Triumphant Life Community Church, Sam Naples Community Center, Safe Haven Pantry, Capital Area YMCA, and French Towers, distributed 1,540 Community Food Bags and Christine’s Hope For Kids donated children’s books to our neighbors in Trenton. The lines remain long and the need is still great. And we know that with July upon on, this will not change.

We continue to offer our gratitude to all who have made financial contributions, hosted neighborhood food drives, emailed friends and family encouraging them to join their Facebook campaign, donated masks, and sent messages of support. We can’t do this without YOU. We still have a long road ahead of us, but we take heart in our community who remains committed to ensuring that children, individuals, and families are fed.

Mercer Street Friends has received tremendous support from over 2,500 donors since March 16, 2020. We are grateful to each one. Every Friday, we look forward to highlighting groups of individuals, families, businesses and foundations who have provided contributions, ensuring that all who have invested in Mercer Street Friends know their gifts have had an incredible impact on our community.

AA Abrams


Stephanie and Vincent Anatale

Sara and Lorne Anderson

Charles and Erica Appel

Susan Becker

Thomas Birkbeck

Ann and Jeffrey Bishop

A. Boost

Ted and Kathy Boraten

D. Ellen and John Borek

Marc and Susan Brahaney

Steven H. Breen

Patricia Brown

Kimberly Burch

Kenneth R. Cabot

Nicholas and Fay Caiazza

Caira & Nemeth LLC

Donna Carey

Celestial Church of Christ

Beverly Chiarello

Ronald and Renee Cooks

Aimee and William Cooper

Jennifer Council

Dawn Day Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation

Kalyan Deshpande

Judith and Robin Dexter

Richard Majeski and Mary Dolan

Frank Donnoli

Karen and Lynn Dorsey

William Dykas

Sue and Jack Espenshade

Daniel E. Everitt

Ewing Woman’s Club

Mary Degnan Flynn

Barbara Fountain

Kelvin S. Ganges

Susan and Peter Gillim

Mario Giudici

Paula J. Gould

Carmine J. Grasso

Andrew Mumich and Patricia Gribbon

The Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation

LaTonia Hagler

Michelle M. Herbster

Joy Horton

Maryly Hossain

Ann Hovanec

Sandra L. Hurley

Rebecca Jacobsen

Robert Wood Johnson III Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation

Brad Johnson

Daniel Jubas

James Kerney Foundation

Elisabeth Kerr

Hollister Knowlton

Gregg Kottas

Susan and Gregory Krawczyk

Gloria and William Kressler

Cristiana A. Kunyczka

Margaret Lamb

Jeffrey L. Larson

Andrew Rowan and Andrea Lehman

Joan Swizer and Joseph Leightner

Jennifer and P. Andrew Leynes

Andrew and Bonnie Lieu

J. Barton Luedeke

Joanne Malta

Carolyn E. Maranca

Timothy and Evette Maynor

Thomas E. McGough

Joanne and Patrick Meehan

Patricia and Thomas Meighan

Carol Mendenko

Mercer County Central Labor Council

Mary Moreno

Jesse L. Moskowitz

Helen Neuburg

New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group

New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund

J. Wilson Noden

Frances Myers O’Brien

Sheela and William Olson

Pamela and Vincent Paluzzi

Pennington United Methodist Church

Margaret Mary Piliere

Kevin and Dee Pollard

Nancy D. Praznoski

Travis Price

Julie Ellen Prusinowski

Sarah Quinn

Cynthia Raymond

Thomas Reinhart

Brandon and Brooke Rich

Anita Richichi

Pamela and Stephen Roman

Michael and Joan Rosolowsky

Anna and Norman Sakowski

Marcy and Jonathan Samet

Claire E. Scarcella

Harry Schultz

Simone Family Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation

Edward J. Skillman

Valerie A. Smith

Prathima Srinivasan

Sujaya Srinivasan

Erin M. Servillo and Charles Stanley, Jr.

Nancy and Juris Svarcbergs

Jozsef and Ilona Szoke

Peter J. Tate

Trenton Friends Meeting

Triumphant Life Community Church

Erich Wedam

Kathleen and Joseph Whitty

Janet Williams

Melanie Lu Willoughby

Madison Wolfert

Marian Zelazny

Margaret A. Zullinger