Rain or Shine…

Hunger is not forgiving. It’s there when the sun is shining and when the storm clouds gather.

Wind and rain did not stop our neighbors from standing in line with the hopes to feed themselves and their families for the weekend, and Mercer Street Friends was sure that our community received what they needed.

Friday, July 10, 2020, 800 Weekend Community Food Bags were distributed to our neighbors with the help of our incredible volunteers.

We thank our volunteers and our donors for contributing time and financial support, no matter the weather.

Mercer Street Friends has received tremendous support from over 2,900 donors since March 16, 2020. We are grateful to each one. Every Friday, we look forward to highlighting groups of individuals, families, businesses and foundations who have provided contributions, ensuring that all who have invested in Mercer Street Friends know their gifts have had an incredible impact on our community.

Evelyn Aguilar

American Properties Realty Inc.

Jeff Bartolino

Katherine Birkenstock

Ruth A. Blattenberger

Jeff C. Brodscholl

Janice and Francis Buckley

Michael Z. Buncher

Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s

L. Diane Campbell

Gregory L. Caravello

Percy and Laura Carter

Amber Colangelo

CORE Association of Realtors

Elizabeth Doverman

Michael and Tamara Flor

Sylvia Fouhy

Noemi Garcia and Barbara Dennis-Garcia

Joel Goldstein

Syamala Gollakota

Michael P. Hedden

Maria Irene

Cheanna Irving

Jeffrey Paul Johnson, Jr.

Aubrey J. Kauffman

Agnes Thangaraj and Patrick Kingsly

Karen M. Kowalewski

Robert Kramer

Yuki M. Laurenti

Matthew Lewis

Joel Mandelkorn

Alan Mann

Aileen Marsh

Paula and Ronald Mindzak

Deborah Montagna

Linda M. Montani

New Jersey Realtors

Lauren and Suzanne O’Gara

Kristyn Kia Phelps

Jayashree and Ramamurthy Pyarilal

Andrew Jackson and Lillian Rankel

Jennifer Richardson

Darryll and Leslie Rothermal

Linda and Gregory Sandusky

Joanne M. Santoro

Laura and Robert Scheithauer

Neal and Elisa Shapiro

Tedford Park Taylor

Anna Thorpe

Mary Joyce Tobish

Craig and Janice Tyl

Surelle and Barry Wind

Samuel Zbarsky