19 Weeks…

What does 19 weeks look like for the Mercer Street Friends community?

For 19 weeks we’ve said good morning each Friday to those in line at six sites throughout Trenton. For 19 weeks we’ve worked hand in hand with volunteers and partner organizations distributing thousands upon thousands of Weekend Community Food Bags to children, families, and seniors. For 19 weeks our neighbors have been the beneficiaries of extraordinary philanthropy – gifts of time, money, food, masks, toilet paper, and eggs. For 19 weeks, we continue to give thanks for the strength and determination of our community to ensure that those who seek help, receive it.

On Friday, July 24, 2020, 1,620 Weekend Community Food Bags were distributed to our neighbors in Trenton and throughout Mercer County.

Mercer Street Friends has received tremendous support from nearly 3,000 donors since March 16, 2020. We are grateful to each one. Every Friday, we look forward to highlighting groups of individuals, families, businesses and foundations who have provided contributions, ensuring that all who have invested in Mercer Street Friends know their gifts have had an incredible impact on our community.

Karleen Aghevli
Randal and Theresa Beck
Lee Clay
Susan Dickey
Michelle and Thomas Elberson
Elisabeth and Anthony Fuccello
Garden State Watercolor Society
Brandi Hebert
Kirti Lalchandani
Lazard Ltd.
Valentine Junker and Merry Madover
New Jersey Economic Development Authority-Closing Services Department
Marianne Strickhart
Heather Veitengruber
Benjamin Waterhouse
Susan and Brian Waterhouse