Peace & Joy to All

To everything there is a season…


In 1958, the Quaker community established Mercer Street Friends, embracing their neighbors in Trenton, listening to stories of individuals and families seeking a life of self-sufficiency, peace, and independence. Sixty-two years later, we continue to listen during the most trying of times. 

Thanks to you, the heart of Mercer Street Friends’ work is focused on food, family and education. Challenges being faced by residents of Trenton and throughout Mercer County require quick responses, continuous adaptations to our programs, and a compassionate community willing to stand with those we serve. If you peek into the windows of Mercer Street Friends you’ll see:

  • A Social Worker in our Parent and Family Engagement program virtually comforting a mother in distress, guiding her towards medical care for herself and her children during this pandemic;
  • Our trained mentors making connections with Rivera Middle School students, ensuring they are supported in the virtual learning environment;  
  • A dedicated Food Bank staff and resilient volunteers working tirelessly to package food for distribution to the Mercer County community.
  • The intensifying demands for food, emotional and academic counseling and mentorship, adult education and job search resources, and parenting and family services are being addressed because of your investment in those we serve today and will serve tomorrow.  There is so much more to do.

We invite you to make a gift today. 

For each gift received, a story has a better chance of reaching a stronger and healthier ending. Thank you for writing the next chapter dedicated to nourishing bodies and minds and empowering families and communities by breaking the cycle of poverty.

May this holiday season and the coming new year be filled with peace for you and for all.


Bernie Flynn

PS: As a part of the CARES Stimulus Act, you may claim an above the line deduction for up to a total of $300 cash donations to nonprofit organizations this year! Please check with your tax advisor to learn more.

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