Summer 2021 Update

Nearly 200 students in the Mercer Street Friends Preschool, Gregory Elementary School, and Rivera Community Middle School completed their first week of the Summer Enrichment Program! Classrooms were filled with the excitement of teachers, counselors, and students as they began their summer adventures, focused on academic support and extracurricular activities.
At Gregory Elementary, Director Glynis Spencer stated, “The Mercer Street Friends Summer Enrichment Program is off to a great start! What has impressed me the most about the educators, counselors, and junior counselors is their professionalism and passion. All classes have completed the pre-assessments in Reading and Math and have begun instructional units in the SAVVAS Easy Bridge Summer Curriculum. The afternoons are full of fun! Students are engaged by playing board games, doing yoga, learning coding, being introduced to musical instruments and gardening.”
In addition to the Summer Enrichment Program, Mercer Street Friends Food Bank continues its Community Food Bag program, distributing 420 weekend bags, totaling over 6,700 meals to individuals and families in Trenton. Volunteers offered Community Food Bags to neighbors in Trenton at Cooper Park, Unity Park, and Safe Haven Community Resources. Students at Gregory Elementary received 24 weekend bags as a part of the Send Hunger Packing Program (SHUP), and over 100 Community Food Bags and SHUP bags were distributed to students at Rivera Community Middle School.
Summer programs are made possible thanks to the generosity of our benefactors and friends. We remain grateful!