Your Impact Makes All The Difference


“We didn’t know what the days would be like after I lost my job. Could I feed my family? Could we pay the internet bill for the kids’ virtual school? Would we be ok?”

Over the past year, children, adults, and families in Trenton and throughout Mercer County endured moments of financial, emotional, academic, social, and medical challenges. Like so many organizations throughout the region, Mercer Street Friends was called to respond to ever increasing demands for food, supportive services for families, and tighter collaboration with our Community Schools partners. And because of your help, we were able to respond.

Through our Community Food Bag program, nearly 2 million meals have been distributed since March 2020 to families who are hungry. Since September 2021, the Send Hunger Packing program has provided over 20,000 weekend meals to students throughout Mercer County. Just over Thanksgiving week, 6,600 turkeys, 2,680 boxes of produce, 19,200 cartons of fresh eggs, and hundreds of holiday food bags were provided to our neighbors.

Hundreds of preschool, elementary, and middle school children continue to receive social and emotional support following 14 months of virtual learning. From reading interventionists for grades 1-4 to mental health counselors, students in Trenton are striving to make up for lost time. 

Parents continue to adapt to a new world of virtual case management. Whether receiving referrals for pediatricians, diapers or personal hygiene products, or participating in parent education workshops – there has been continuity in services to families in Trenton as they take on the barriers created by poor health and economic conditions aggravated by the pandemic.

“Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Stewardship”

The founding principles of Quakerism, the basis of Mercer Street Friends’ work, is woven into each meal distributed, each counseling session offered to a child, and each virtual family visit made by our case managers. Your own commitment to each child, parent, individual, and family is evident in the gifts you dedicate to nourishing minds and bodies, empowering families and communities.

Today we invite you to make a year-end gift. A gift that ensures a counselor is available to children and families. A gift that ensures kitchen cabinets have the most basic staples of bread, tuna, milk, cereal, and fruit. A gift that ensures a baby has the proper diapers and a woman has the personal products she needs each month. A gift that allows a mother to say to her family, “We will be ok.”

The Board of Trustees and staff of Mercer Street Friends extend our gratitude to you for the generosity you have offered through the years. Most importantly, our neighbors are grateful to you for the investment you’ve made in their lives. 

May you find peace in this holiday season and throughout the new year.

– Bernie Flynn

Chief Executive Officer



Nourishing minds and bodies.
Empowering families and communities.