Food Bank

Child Hunger and Senior Hunger Programs


Send Hunger Packing

In partnership with 23 local schools, the Food Bank provides over 750 children identified as at-risk for hunger with nutritious kid-friendly food that they take home Friday afternoons during the school year. The food packs ensure that the children have meals to eat over the weekend and return to school nourished and ready to learn.

Summer Feeding

The Food Bank provides breakfast and lunch meals for low-income children who face meal gaps when school-based breakfast and lunch programs are not available during the summer.


Senior and Family Food Boxes

The Food Bank delivers food boxes of food and fresh produce to families, seniors,  and disabled citizens who are experiencing food shortages but cannot get to a food pantry or meal site for assistance due to restricted mobility, transportation, or work schedule issues.

To find out more about these programs call 609-406-0503 or email