Parenting Programs

Parenting Programs

How parents care for themselves and raise their children is the foundation of a healthy and self-sufficient family.

Mercer Street Friends’ Parenting programs connect with interested and referred families to teach, role model, and support development of nurturing parenting skills, warm and stable parent-child relationships, parental knowledge and activities of child development, and timely follow up with recommended parent and child heath care routines. Parents are invited to learn and practice a variety of strategies that they can use to care for themselves while they create an environment in which their children can thrive.

Parenting Programs

Parents may receive services in their homes, at our Parent Child Center West, or other convenient community locations, depending on their interests, needs, and daily schedules.

In the programs listed below, certified and experienced parent educators use culturally sensitive, researched information as they partner for progress with young parents dealing with their own journey of wellness and self-sufficiency while facing the many challenges of creating a healthy environment for their children.

Family Support Reunification
Trenton Healthy Families-TIP
Parents as Teachers
Parent-Child Center

For more detailed information about the Mercer Street Friends Parenting programs, who may be eligible for services and hours of operation, (hours vary by program), please contact us at 609-278-6907.

To make a referral for yourself or someone else, or to plan a visit to us at the Parent Child Center West at 222 N Hermitage Ave. in Trenton.

Comments from mothers participating in our programs:

Rewards don’t have to be money they can just be praising your child for a job well done with a nice hug.

I have come to learn a lot from the program. My home visitor provided me with tools to read about child development. As a first-time mom, it made me aware of what to expect from my child at every stage; it made me become more active in child teaching. Now I know how to set goals in my home and work towards achieving them.