Parenting Programs

Parents as Teachers

Parents as TeachersParents as Teachers (PAT) 
is an evidenced-based home visitation program that provides
in-home health and parenting education, and supportive services
to at-risk families, especially those overburdened by stressors that may contribute to child neglect and abuse. While there is an emphasis on enrolling families early, the PAT program may accept referrals of eligible families at any point in time between pregnancy and the child’s third birthday.

Once enrolled, families are offered intensive long-term home visitation services through age three. Participation in PAT is voluntary. These voluntary home visits provide an added emphasis on education, employment, family stability and well-being, and school readiness.

Specially trained home visitors, who often share the families’ culture and community, educate families on important issues: prenatal health, infant/child health and development, positive parenting practices, nurturing parent-child relationships, child safety, education and employment, and the prevention of child neglect and abuse. They also link parents/families to existing social service and health care resources.