Parenting Programs

Trenton Healthy Families-TIP

Trenton Healthy Families-TIP (TANF Initiative for Parents)

This evidence-based nationally recognized prevention program is designed to promote the health and well-being of pregnant women, parents/families and their infants and young children.

Home visitors work closely with families to develop a trusting relationship, assess parent/family strengths (protective factors) and promote a better understanding of the essential role of the parent (mothers, fathers, and other responsible caregivers) in providing a nurturing, healthy and safe environment for their children.

While the overall goal is to prevent child maltreatment, the program addresses key factors that are known to contribute to child neglect and abuse–prenatal health, infant/child health, child growth and development, parenting skills/anticipatory guidance, parent-child bonding and interaction, family/social support and adult relationships, traumatic stress, education/employment, and linkages to needed treatment services, childcare and/or other community resources.