We Are A Village

reading award event Luis Muñoz-Rivera 2023
Reading Awards Event at Luis Muñoz-Rivera Elementary School in Trenton, New Jersey

It’s been said “it takes a village” to raise a family.

At the Matlock house, my three boys would simply tell you that I have “mommy friends”
Moms, dads, neighbors, colleagues and kind strangers that have offered time and resources so that my children can thrive. Fortunately, when you’re a mother to triplets, there’s no shortage to this network of support. Thank you to the mom who stopped to tell me about a summer math program. And to the many people I did not know who pulled me aside to offer their blessings and kind words – I cherish the special coins and rosaries.

When I describe the Mercer Street Friends Community Schools model
I liken it to my “mommy friends” for the parents of Trenton Public School students. Our onsite Community School staff provides outstanding reading programs, led by retired Trenton Public School teachers whose dedication to excellence helps students achieve at grade level and beyond, all while nurturing the students’ love of learning.

Our mental health partnership offers students safe spaces
For sharing their struggles and to understand at an early age that it’s ok to sometimes not feel ok, and the importance of talking about it. Mercer Street Friends’ Community School site coordinators and case managers make it easy for parents to enroll their children in free after-school enrichment opportunities to explore the arts, science, sports, and more.

The Community Schools initiative launched in 2015 with just one school – now there are three!

Believe me, like raising triplets, launching a Community School is not for the faint of heart; there’s a lot of planning, understanding student needs, and community engagement involved. Our goal for 2023 is to provide a more comprehensive network of resources and to be proactive about sharing student successes.

Call it a village or “mommy friends,” everyone can use a network – I know I did.

If you’re interested in chatting about ways to support Mercer Street Friends, monetarily or otherwise, please reach out to me cmatlock@mercerstreetfriends.org.

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