Mercer Street Friends believes that by investing in education, a child will obtain the academic, emotional and social skills to thrive and succeed throughout all areas of their lives.

Education is a tool that can be used to open many doors. Mercer Street Friends aims to combine best educational practices with access to family supports and resources to enhance the academic experience of the students.

We have positive impacts on the children that enroll with the Mercer Street Friends Preschool. Access to early childhood education helps children establish a love of learning, cultivate curiosity, and develop emotional wellness. Our staff provides children with a safe, caring, and nurturing environment paired with an innovative curriculum.

The Community Schools effort is backed by a strategy designed to break down non-academic barriers that impede a student’s ability to learn and grow. Mercer Street Friends Community Schools align local programming with the needs of students and their families to promote a culture of wellness that leads to educational success.

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