As the Food Bank of Mercer County, Mercer Street Friends distributes over 6 million meals to our neighbors through a network of more than 150 pantry partners serving the local community. With food insecurity at unprecedented levels, the Mercer Street Friends Food Bank distributes an incremental 10,000 food bags per month to Preschool and Community School families, among other entities, in the Trenton School District.

No child should have to choose between food and education. For children, hunger is especially traumatic as they are unable to focus on learning and social engagement, which can lead to an unsuccessful school experience, thus limiting their opportunities. Parents should not have to skip their own meal to feed their children. Seniors should not have to worry about when they will eat next.

As part of the Feeding America and the Community FoodBank of New Jersey distribution network, Mercer Street Friends Food Bank is the primary source of government and privately donated food targeted for hunger relief programs throughout the County.

The Food Bank channels millions of pounds of food to a network of more than 100 food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, meal sites, senior centers, programs for the disabled and low-income housing sites through a robust network of staff and volunteers.

Mercer Street Friends - Food Bank

Food & Meal Services

In partnership with our friends at Trenton Health Team, a list of all places you can visit for food.

Mercer Street Friends - Meal Services Finder Map
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