Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering to help others, is Noble and Altruistic.

Mercer Street Friends appreciates everyone who gives their time and efforts to assist us in fulfilling our mission to help our neighbors. We value all volunteers. No matter if you’ve never volunteered before, we have a role for you. We understand everyone comes for different reasons and from different places, so our doors are open and our staff is appreciative of everyone.

Apart from having something that can look great on a resume, you’ll also know the good feeling that comes when you lay in bed at night knowing you’ve done well to make the world a little better for others.

As you tour our website and see the variety of services Mercer Street Friends offers through its programs, you may see an area you can be of assistance to. Or, perhaps you have a rare skill set but you are unsure how it could help, or maybe you would just like to speak to someone to learn more about how you can use your time to help others?

If you have any questions at all, please call 609-406-0503.

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