Mercer Street Friends Preschool located at 1201 West State Street in Trenton has been successful in helping parents prepare their children to transition from preschool to kindergarten for more than 30 years. Each year, 90 children receive academic instruction and learn social skills helping them feel confident in their ability to do new things. They learn how to adjust to time away from their parents while sharing with their friends and learning to eat healthy meals with a variety of choices. Families benefit from all Mercer Street Friends’ programs including the Food Bank, Parenting and Adult Services and our Community Schools.

The Preschool is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the children we teach.

Education - Mercer Street Friends Preschool

Mercer Street Friends Preschool offers:

  • High-quality early childhood education at no cost for children ages 3 to 5 who reside in Trenton.
  • Certified Teachers and Teacher Assistants who use the Creative Curriculum to build essential academic skills in reading and math, as well as facilitate cognitive, social and emotional growth.
  • The development of “soft skills” crucial to achieving success in life: Curiosity, persistence, self-control, conscientiousness and self-confidence.
  • Nutritious meals and weekend meal packs through the Mercer Street Friends Send Hunger Packing program.
  • Family Support Outreach Workers who complete registrations and perform outreach efforts in the community to help parents find the right resources for their children.

Registration Information

For children 3 years old before September 30th and 4 years old.

Must be able to provide birth certificate, shot record/physical and 2 proofs of address for City of Trenton residency.

Call 609-656-5220 to speak with one of our Family Outreach Workers.

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