Michael J. Carter, MD

Michael J. Carter, MD, RP

Michael J. Carter, MD, RP began his service with the Board of Trustees in 2009. He was drawn to Mercer Street Friends’ social programming and support for the entire Trenton community. He currently works in medical administration using his medical knowledge as a physician and pharmacist to safeguard the health and wellbeing of patients who take medication made by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. He has diverse experience covering medical affairs, pharmacovigilance and drug safety, regulatory oversight, compliance monitoring, and public health. His expertise extends into medical and safety strategy, communications, risk aversion, talent development and coaching, and customer focus and outreach.

Michael specializes in facilitating the collection, processing, assessment, and dissemination of appropriate safety related information to protect and improve public health, as well as delivering education forums that inspire, direct, and motivate. In addition, he gave the commencement speech for the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy graduating class of 2008. He currently resides in Illinois.

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