Summer 2023: A Huge Appetite for Learning

With an endless appetite for learning, our summer 2023 preschool students,The Hungry Caterpillars, enjoyed a thoughtfully curated curriculum incorporating routine, beginning literacy, math lessons and fun!

Each week featured a different theme with corresponding literacy and math lessons to coincide with themes such as: Shark Week, Cooking Week, Camping Week, and of course, Ice Cream Week.

There’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to the themed curriculum. For example, during Cooking Week many children had the opportunity to taste certain fruits and vegetables for the first time such as dragon fruit, star fruit, and papaya. We also hosted a summer cook-off where each preschool class created their own version of peach cobbler. Families were invited to taste test them all, cast a ballot and select a winner!

Children who attended our summer program benefited greatly from the continued instruction and socialization with peers.

Mercer Street Friends Preschool continues to cultivate a love of learning with unique hands-on experiences helping children to discover new interests, passions, and tastes, in a safe, comfortable, and caring environment.

About Mercer Street Friends Preschool Program:
For more than 30 years, our outstanding preschool program has successfully prepared district children for the transition to kindergarten. Preschool families benefit from all of Mercer Street Friends’ programs including the Food Bank, Parenting and Adult Services, Community Schools and an impressive six-week summer program.

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