Welcome to Mercer Street Friends

Mercer Street Friends is a Quaker-affiliated, nonsectarian human care organization providing compassionate and practical solutions to the problems of poverty and health. We serve more than 20,000 people a year from seven locations and 11 program sites, including the historic original location, a former Friends meeting house in the Mill Hill section of Trenton. Our programs serve infants, children, youth, parents and adults, and the disabled and elderly.

With a budget of over 10 million in fiscal 2011-2012, over 100 employees and more than 500 dedicated volunteers, Mercer Street Friends has been building hopeful futures in the Greater Trenton area and Mercer County since 1958. The programs of Mercer Street Friends are funded by a combination of private donations, government funds, foundation grants and user fees.

It's Check-Out Hunger time!

Check-Out Hunger, a partnership between food retailers and New Jersey's food banks, runs every year from late fall to winter, with times varying by store. 100% of donations made in Mercer County go to the Mercer Street Friends Food Bank.

Please donate whenever and wherever you see the Check-Out Hunger display.