Lisa Banks

Lisa Banks

Director of The Center for Early Childhood Education

Lisa Banks has been with Mercer Street Friends since 2006. For the children and parents, alike, Lisa ensures that the Preschool is a safe, caring, and comfortable environment. She is responsible for staffing the Preschool with qualified, certified staff, placing children in classrooms and complying with Trenton Board of Education requirements.

For the success of teachers and children, Lisa performs a monthly walkthrough of each classroom and completes a Preschool Observation Tool for each teacher three times over the course of the school year. She also takes part in and makes sure her staff understands the importance of community outreach.

Lisa, with Mercer Street Friend behind her, is committed to empowering families in Trenton. In her work Lisa mirrors Mercer Street Friends family-oriented nature, caring for the whole family’s needs. She is proud to be part of a team that is recognizable in the community and makes a positive impact.

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